"Simply put, without Rosemary’s help, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Her advice and assistance helped me launch my freelance career and place my byline in my dream publications. Not only is she an amazing person, but also a fantastic writer/editor who is able to help newer writers, much like myself, hone in on their skills and develop areas where they aren’t quite strong yet. Her work is meaningful, incredibly well-written and she offers unique perspectives on a wide array of topics. Rosemary is truly a gem and hands-down one of my favorite people to work with." 

Gianluca Russo

“As a newbie attempting at success in the freelance world, I was completely in the dark. Even though I felt as though I was working hard, I realized I had no idea what I was doing. With empathy and kindness, Rosemary guided me. She took apart my pitch, re-edited when I had questions, and helped me rebuild it until I felt confident. I learned a wealth of knowledge along the way and I will be reaching out for her assistance in the future.”
—Marissa Kelly

"I've hired Rosemary on several occasions to workshop pitches and have found tremendous value in her insights and perspective. She is simultaneously able to help me communicate the best version of my ideas, while also offering an editor's point of view. Rosemary is responsive and thoughtful and offers concrete, meaningful edits, and she has helped me to make my pitches as effective as possible."

Alisa Zipursky

"Rosemary Donahue is one of the greatest editors I've ever worked with — she was my editor when I wrote for HelloGiggles and she has helped workshop pitches with me since then. She's always made me feel encouraged and supported with every piece I wrote, and is never heavy-handed or rushed in her edits. In my experience with her, Donahue has been positive, responsive and approachable while giving me incredibly valuable critique about my work to optimize its quality and performance. I very much hope to work with her again someday soon."

—Sebastian Zulch

"I've used Rosemary's editing and proofreading services several times now. Not only is she quick and easy to work with, but she offers practical suggestions that strengthen my pieces on a number of levels. She has a good eye and shrewd discernment."

Jera Brown

"From the first time I worked with Rosemary, I was impressed with her precision, intuition, and sensitivity as an editor. As an essayist, Rosemary's ability to understand and then enhance my existing voice revealed the layers and nuance of her editing style, and her respect deep respect for a writer's work. Rosemary doesn't merely edit work, she helps to make it shine."

Elizabeth King

"Rosemary Donahue is a visionary editor, articulate, dedicated, honest, and detail-oriented, striking the balance between amiable and diligence. She recently co-founded Lumen, the innovative journal of literature and ideas by and for women, which promises to be an important American magazine. She also served as fiction editor of Pacific Review, doing most of the design and layout, demonstrating style, toughness and pizazz under time-pressure at every juncture. She's one of the best editors I've ever worked with in the past twenty years!"

—Chad Sweeney

"In the month that I've been working with Rosemary, I've become hooked on her vibrant personality and collaborative editing style. Rosemary is a great editor because she clearly loves the work that she does and always makes you feel valued for your work. She is a master of leaving concise, thoughtful feedback without seeming nitpicky."

Rachel Charlene Lewis

"Rosemary Donahue is a writer’s dream. From the very first conversation, she was supportive and attentive. She took my rather weak pitch and helped me shape it into a much better piece, by opening me up to perceptions and nuances that I might not otherwise have considered. Another plus is that she responds quickly and thoroughly, so that I felt we were really on the same team."

Diana-Ashley Krach

"I've known Rosemary for many years and while I've always been aware of her talent as a writer, I recently have had the pleasure of witnessing her talent for editing. While I do not consider myself a professional writer, her style of editing has a way of making you feel confident in what you have produced. She's professional, yet approachable, and is great at giving constructive and sound criticism. She has a way making what you've written sound more beautiful than you thought possible."

—Danielle Hartnett