Asking someone to edit your work can be terrifying. Either it's ripped apart (and you don't know why!) or there are minimal edits made to the piece with no insight offered. In the relationship between writers and editors, trust and communication come first. My job is to provide the services necessary to elevate your work.  

I am available to work on the following:

  • Manuscript editing
  • Blog post editing
  • Essay editing
  • Website copyediting
  • Short story editing
  • Copywriting
  • Pitch workshops
  • ...and more! Just ask. 

Depending on the size and nature of the project, my rates may vary, but we can talk numbers after I get to know a little more about your project. However, my standard rates are as follows:

  • Basic copyediting: $45/hour (mostly grammar and punctuation)
  • Heavy editing (Essays/Short stories, for narrative structure, etc.): $55+/hour 
  • Copywriting: negotiable depending on project, but base is $55/hour
  • General freelance consulting: $45/hr
  • Pitch workshops: $10/pitch

Pitch Workshop Process

As I said above, I charge $10 per pitch. I like to have you send me the pitch or pitches you'd like to work on via Google Docs so that we both have access to the work at the same time. Tell me whether it's already been rejected or not, along with any questions or concerns, what you're stuck on, and anything else you'd like me to know about the pitch. 

Then I'll comment on the pitch from an editor's standpoint and tell you if I think it has all the info necessary (or if it has too much!), if I'm left with any questions as an editor, what I'd change if I was pitching the idea myself, etc. If you have any more questions when I'm through with my edits and comments, you can ask them! I won't invoice you until you're completely satisfied and we're done working through the pitch together. 


I use PayPal, Venmo, and SquareCash and will only invoice you when we're done working together. Read some testimonials from people I've worked with to hear more about my working style. 

Ready to talk? Let's get in touch! 



Weekend Editor
May 2017 — Present

I identify stories that will resonate with the Allure audience and then write, self-edit, and package these stories before pushing to social channels on weekends. I'm also responsible for communicating with the rest of the digital team about weekly traffic to discuss weekend strategy.  

Brit + Co

News Editor
July 2016 — Present

At Brit + Co, I edit trending news stories as they come in. I work with a team of freelance writers to cover topics from food news to culture to politics. 

Time Inc.

Freelance Branded/Native Content Editor
November 2016 — January 2017

I work with freelance writers to create content for a range of Time Inc. publications based on client needs. After a writer writes branded or native content (depending on client needs), I edit it for the voice of each publication, write headlines, work with the client to make sure it's what they had in mind, and create social copy. 


Assistant Editor
January 2016 — July 2016

At HelloGiggles, I edited personal essays, worked with a roster of talented freelance writers, and wrote trending news stories that garnered an average of 600k views weekly. 


App Curator
September 2015 — March 2016

As an App Curator, I find engaging content across social media platforms for a variety of verticals to package and share with the Bustle audience. This position requires that I understand the audience well, and that I write headlines they’ll want to click.  


Freelance Social Media Coordinator (Pinterest)
September 2015 — March 2016

In my work with Today.com, I manage their Pinterest account on weekends to keep up user engagement and keep the tone of the brand consistent. In my time with them, I’ve increased traffic to their website on weekends through picking content that speaks to their audience’s needs.

Lumen Magazine 

Editor-in-Chief, Social Media Manager
Jan 2015 — Present

At Lumen, I wear many hats. I am the primary editor for both the magazine and blog sections of Lumen, and I work to create strong relationships with writers through comprehensive editing and clear communication. I oversee web design and manage our social media accounts, in addition to our outreach program to grow readership and submissions through formal and informal channels.